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Lions rookies go back to school -- football school -- in weeks after draft 

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Glasgow said for the offensive linemen, a lot of the focus has been on blocking techniques. While this is something Glasgow, Taylor Decker and Joe Dahl have been doing for years, there are definite differences. And it’s probably a bit more complicated than Glasgow’s long division analogy.

It’s more like picking up advanced calculus, football-style.  Wholesale Detroit Lions jerseys

“It’s not a lot of stuff that you really learn in college,” Glasgow said. “There’s more complex things and more, just, adjustments to blocks and stuff like that.”

One thing Glasgow picked up was a blocking technique Detroit’s coaches call “turning around.” Essentially, it is for when the Lions are facing zone rushes and blitzes.

“Instead of turning back on a guy that goes underneath you, you just go over the top and are ready to come back on him,” Glasgow said. “That’s usually one of the hardest things, is being able to get up to the second level and sort of play basketball like this and mirror him.

“But if you come back around him, it makes it a lot easier.”

While the offensive linemen -- and there are three drafted linemen plus long-snapper Jimmy Landes along with undrafted free agents -- have focused on blocking techniques, the Lions' secondary coaches have been teaching all five corner and safety positions to their group.Wholesale nfl jerseys

They’ve also been going over defensive plays and the importance of communication.

“There’s a lot of plays,” safety Miles Killebrew said. “A lot of plays and it is fun. It’s a lot more fun than you would expect because the coaches, they provide this environment where it’s easy to learn.

“You have a lot of accessible things that we can take advantage of, such as each other, first of all. The environment they have here, the setup is really encouraging to really learn with each other and then there are countless other tools that they’ve given us.”

Neither Glasgow nor Killebrew gave specifics on the tools the Lions have been using, but it is all with one understanding in mind -- getting Detroit’s rookies acclimated as quickly as possible before voluntary OTAs start next week.